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A New Way to Look at Your Money.

What is My Sister's Budget?

My Sister's Budget is a simple yet powerful budgeting system that helps you manage your finances with a process that automatically saves money.

Choose categories to act as mini savings accounts, divide your paycheck among the categories, and watch your categories grow each month.

Meet My Sister

In 1988 I was living in Oregon with my husband and two small children. We were living paycheck to paycheck and never seemed to have extra money. Even when we had a little money set aside, something always came up (insurance premiums, car repairs) to eat up our savings.

I developed a budgeting system that helped us save automatically and incorporated a kind of mini-savings approach. Within a couple of months I knew I was on to something. My categories were growing and I felt calm about our finances. My siblings started referring to it as "my sister's budget."

We now offer My Sister's Budget in its original notebook form, and as a desktop software. Available soon for download.

Success Stories

"My Sister's Budget is awesome! Before this budget, we lived paycheck to paycheck. Balancing our checkbook and paying bills was always a nightmare and caused us so much stress!"

- Jim, a software engineer

"Incredible--we haven't had credit card debt for 5 years! When Christmas arrives, we have money set aside; when the car insurance comes due every 6 months, we write a check; when summer is here, we have money ready for a carefree (and debt free) week of fun at the beach. You've got to try this!"

- Patti, a professional fundraiser and event planner

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